[maemo-users] WiFi usage issues.

From: Bernard Tyers b at runningwithbulls.com
Date: Mon Feb 8 16:48:48 EET 2010
Hi there,

I have posted about this issue already, under a different thread.

I think I need to post again seperately.

My issue has been that when using WiFi interface, some web services do not seem to work, namely SMTP/IMAP/app-manager. When I use 3G/2G all services work as expected.

I have now also tried WiFi access from my office, and it is showing the same issues.

Firstly, the office wifi is setup as following:

Off-the-shelf DSL router, with WiFi function
Secured with WEP key
Router acting as DHCP server
No proxy/firewall, etc

This is the same setup as my home WiFi connection, except I use WPA for encryption. The ISP (Eircom.ie) is the same, and the router version and firmware version is the same.

My issue is I can browse the web, stream radio perfectly, using WiFi, but:

* I cannot however download IMAP mail, send SMTP mail, or use app-manager.

* I have tried turning off power management on the wifi interface, assigning a static IP address (with assigning the DNS servers also).

* I have just tried sniffing the network with Wireshark for my static IP (in thjis case,, and also sniffing for the MAC address "00:bd:3a:88:45:71".

Most curiously there is no mention of either IP OR MAC in the tracefile...

I could use a few suggestions, while I go for a coffee to do some thinking...:(


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