[maemo-users] WiFi usage issues.

From: Jason maemo at lakedaemon.net
Date: Mon Feb 8 18:30:01 EET 2010
Bernard Tyers wrote:
> My issue is I can browse the web, stream radio perfectly, using WiFi,
> but:
> * I cannot however download IMAP mail, send SMTP mail, or use
> app-manager.

If those are internal hosts, it could be a DNS issue.  If they are 
external, your provider could be blocking these.  From the commandline 
on the N900, install telnet and try 'telnet smtp.mymailserver.tld 25' 
and see if you get a version string from the server.

> * I have tried turning off power management on the wifi interface,
> assigning a static IP address (with assigning the DNS servers also).
> * I have just tried sniffing the network with Wireshark for my static
> IP (in thjis case,, and also sniffing for the MAC
> address "00:bd:3a:88:45:71".

Was the wifi card in monitor mode?  Was it set to the correct channel? 
With WEP and WPA you won't be able to see IP addresses unless you give 
WS the info needed to decrypt the traffic.

It may be easier to install tcpdump on the N900 and sniff wlan0, 
transfer the file to a machine with WS and analyze there.

> Most curiously there is no mention of either IP OR MAC in the
> tracefile...
> I could use a few suggestions, while I go for a coffee to do some
> thinking...:(

That's the best part of the troubleshooting process, coffee.  ;-)


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