[maemo-users] WiFi usage issues.

From: Peter Flynn peter.flynn at mars.ucc.ie
Date: Wed Feb 10 00:24:34 EET 2010
Bernard Tyers wrote:
> My issue has been that when using WiFi interface, some web services
> do not seem to work, namely SMTP/IMAP/app-manager. When I use 3G/2G
> all services work as expected.

I have the same issues with some wifi connections, but not all.

I use IMAP/SSL and SMTP for my email on all devices, and a few locations 
appear to have those ports blocked (pubs, cafes, etc). When asked, they 
all claim not to, but I suspect either they don't know, or their 
provider is blocking them. It all works fine on my own network at home.

The problem holds regardless of device: it's the same for those affected 
locations with the identical setup on my laptop and my N800 as on my HTC 
Hero (no N900 for me).

> This is the same setup as my home WiFi connection, except I use WPA
> for encryption. The ISP (Eircom.ie) is the same, and the router
> version and firmware version is the same.

Eircom as a provider has known issues with arbitrary blocking of ports, 
I was told by a colleague who ought to know. The fact that 993 
(SMTP/SSL) is relatively rarely used may mean they just block it on 
principle. I have had this issue connecting to an Eircom wifi point 
somewhere recently (using my FON login).

> * I cannot however download IMAP mail, send SMTP mail, or use
> app-manager.

I have had a related problem with some connections which allow the IMAP 
but block SMTP. I have put it down to a combination of excessive 
security zeal and ignorance.

If you're in Ireland (as you appear to be if you're using Eircom), you 
might ask the ILUG.

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