[maemo-users] SIP client for the N900

From: David Greaves david at dgreaves.com
Date: Sat Feb 13 11:38:34 EET 2010
Kahlil Johnson wrote:
> N-series used to have a lot of great SIP clients including Gizmo,
> however since the company was bought by google. Development stop and
> now I am looking for a sip cleint or a way to configure the Telephony
> from N900 to a VoIP telephony. I know GoogleTalk and Skype are VoIP
> providers but if I got a third party voip provider I would also like
> to get their account info into my phone so I can answer calls from it.

It is integrated (quite well actually)

touch statusbar (clock/battery area)->Availability-> accounts (scroll down) ->
new -> pick 'SIP'

I link to my local asterisk


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