[maemo-users] SIP client for the N900

From: Bernard Tyers b at runningwithbulls.com
Date: Sat Feb 13 12:45:40 EET 2010
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> now I am looking for a sip cleint or a way to configure the Telephony
> from N900 to a VoIP telephony. 


> if I got a third party voip provider I would also > like to get their account info into my phone so I > can answer calls from it.

Much to my delight and surprise you can just create a SIP account within the VoIP and IM accounts in the settings pane.

Once you have it added there and its listed in your addressbook entry you can make SIP calls from there. I have my SIP account added there, and nowhere else and I make and receive calls daily. 

Works very well.

Alternatively, I did see Fring is available, but since the support is native for SIP, I don't need it.

Hope that helps,
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