[maemo-users] Not enough memory

From: Aldon Hynes Aldon.Hynes at Orient-Lodge.com
Date: Thu Feb 18 22:32:10 EET 2010
Yes, moving the package cache and other parts of the packaging system out of
rootfs works great.  It is, perhaps, a little geeky for some users, but for
those comfortable with root access at a command line it is trivial.

I wrote about it in a blog post when the last big set of upgrades came out
#n900 updates

In my case, I have tons of junk so I moved three directories,

I haven't had problems since.


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Nelson Ferreira wrote:
> 4. Allow for the package cache to be out of rootfs

I did not receive my recently ordered N900 so far, but can't you
transparently move the apt cache (and other larger directories)
somewhere else using a bind mount?

I'd assume most things in /var/cache, /var/spool (if it exists) and
/var/lib do not need to reside on the "/" partition.



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