[maemo-users] Not enough memory

From: Christian Walther cptsalek at gmail.com
Date: Thu Feb 18 09:19:26 EET 2010

On 18 February 2010 00:01, Craig Woodward <woody at rochester.rr.com> wrote:

I hope that what you're saying and implying is not the attitude of the
general Maemo developer, because it would mean that I've really chosen
the wrong platform. What I have to think about is the fact that the
maemo.orgs extra-devel repository is obviously "a random piece of
crap", something I didn't now.

You see, I perfectly well knew that the N900 is targeted towards tech
savvy users, and that Maemo 6 is probably the first version being
something for the average user. I knew that the amount of apps
available isn't that high, and that many of them aren't even fully and
properly "hildonized". That didn't keep me from buying the phone. You
know why? Because it was clear to me that I wanted to be part of the
maemo community. I'm not a developer, I don't know how to program in
C++, and honestly, I don't want to learn this language, and neither do
I want to learn python.
You know what I did? I joined the maemo.org mailing lists the day I
received my N900, since then I'm lurking around here, reading the
discussions. I installed scratchbox on my laptop, and in fact ditched
my lovely BSD install and settled on ArchLinux because of this.
The N900 is my only phone, mainly because I can't afford buying a
second one for everyday use, and I just don't like carrying around two
handsets anyway.

My plan was to install the Apps I needed, to give them a try, lend a
helping hand to squash out bugs. That being said, I even accepted that
the apps I installed contained bugs, something I'm fine with as long
as there's some constant development.
But reality is that I have a life full of responsibilities: I have a
work life (like most of you I think), and I have (and want) to care
for my family. Doing something with my phone is my 3rd priority at max
(which is why I have neither posted on this list nor filed a bug
report before), and sometimes I just want to use my phone.
So, you see, in my eyes installing a package is trivial, and nobody
should have to check how much memory a package consumes.
I am perfectly capable of this situation, to be precise, I did so with
PR1.1. I moved parts of /var/apt, /usr/share and even most locales to
/home/user. But this is a time consuming process, time I would've
liked to spend on other things.
The same applies to removing apps before running an update. It's
simply unnecessary. I mean, what you're telling the users is this:
"Hey $user, we packaged a few cool apps that are even shown on
youtube, and we would like you to use them. Give them a try, and if
there's something wrong, file a bug report. Oh, well, but in case of
an update, you're screwed. We expect you to handle this."
This really sounds sensible...

At the end of last year there was a hacker meeting taking place in
germany. I showed my N900 to some of the people attending, some
admired it, but others asked me why I use a phone "with a compiler".
You see, there are even Nerds out there who do not want to tinker
around with their devices. And most of them are very capable,
providing code for Open Source projects, for example. They are capable
- but they do not want to handle such a situation. And my eyes, they
shouldn't have to. Because even the N900 is a tool, and as such, some
stuff should "just work".

Christian Walther
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