[maemo-users] Not enough memory

From: Craig Woodward woody at rochester.rr.com
Date: Fri Feb 19 04:50:42 EET 2010
Let me preface this by saying that personally, I hope you continue to "tinker" with your device, in fact I encourage it _if you have the time_.  It's fun to do, and does help the community if you're feeding back ideas and bugs.  But if you decide to "tinker" with it, PLEASE don't come here and whine about what a pain it is that you have to "tinker" with it again before you can update to the latest firmware.  It doesn't help or add to anything, and after a while just becomes annoying.

---- Christian Walther <cptsalek at gmail.com> wrote: 
>I hope that what you're saying and implying is not the attitude of the general Maemo developer

I don't work for, nor claim to be affiliated with Maemo in any way.  My opinions are my own.  You'll note I don't even have a garage setup, so where you're getting the idea that I'm a Maemo developer, I'm not sure.

>What I have to think about is ...

Don't put words in my mouth.  I've never said "extras-devel is a piece of crap".  I said if you installed random software from random repositories (checking a box every time to override the system trying to warn you), that YOU are responsible for your actions.  You spoke about the N900 being an "ecosystem", and I simply followed your analogy noting that in an ecosystem even animals are smart enough to know how to avoid stepping in their own mess.

>My plan was to install the Apps I needed, to give them a try, lend helping hand

An admirable thing, which I do this as well.  The difference being I actually noticed and read the huge red warning label attached to the page indicating how to setup the devel repository.  It clearly states that because this software is development level, it may cause problems, up to and including bricking the device.  Having to make adjustments to update later clearly falls in the range of "up to bricking your device".  When PR1.1 came out and I needed to free up space on the rootfs, I went looking for how to do it.  I simply fixed the issue, without feeling the need to post to a mailing list how terrible the device is or knock the quality control of the company releasing the software.

>But reality is that I have a life full of responsibilities:

I see, and you think I'm an orphan, living in a care home and have no life?  If you did a poll you'd find it's rare to find others here that don't have a job and/or a family to support.  My N900 is much lower on the list than #3.  I personally have done little development for the N900 because I work with almost identical devices every day at work.  After 8 or 9 hours of work the last thing I want to do is come home and do more work on yet another micro device.  I've done some tweaking, but not much coding outside of a couple scripts here an there, and writing a couple bugs or brainstorm voting.

> sometimes I just want to use my phone. So, you see, in my eyes installing a package is trivial, and nobody should have to check how much memory a package consumes.

Wow... That's a leap if I've ever seen one.  Just because you "want to use your phone" doesn't mean installing a package is trivial OR that you shouldn't have to check how much memory it consumes.  It's like saying "Sometimes I just want to drive my car.  Fueling it should be free, and I should never have to look to see how much gas I have in my car."

And let's not mix eggs here.  We're not talking about "installing a package".  We're talking about updating the operating system and key components that make the whole device run.  The fact that it's updateable OTA without re-flashing/installing is a testament to how far Maemo, Debian, and mobile computing has come.  Most "phones" still update via flash upgrade, only at a customer service center, and typically nuke contact lists, downloaded apps and tones in the process.  

>Hey $user, we packaged a few cool apps that are even shown on youtube

To my knowledge, neither Nokia nor Maemo has "packaged cool apps" and shown them on youtube that cause your rootfs to fill up.  There are lots of other groups that have, but not the people that made the device or are releasing the software updates. In fact, both explicitly go out of their way to warn you that installing anything outside of the Extras repository and/or the OVI store can seriously compromise your device, and it's ability to function, yet alone upgrade your base OS and key system components.  I direct you again to the check box and warning that pops up for almost every app install.

> there are even Nerds out there who do not want to tinker around with their [phone]. And my eyes, they shouldn't have to.

And they (and you) don't have to!  You don't have to install things from devel or testing, or third party repositories.  You don't have to buy a N900 for that matter.  Nobody's *forcing* you to do any of this.  You are *choosing* to install things, and to "tinker" with your phone.  If you hadn't done that, the update would have worked just fine!  When you choose to tinker with things, you take on the responsibility of living with and supporting that tinkering.  There's an old saying that fits here:
"Programming is like sex: One small mistake and you're supporting it for the rest of your life."

If you really don't want to deal with it, Nokia/Maemo even offers a simple solution.  Back up your contacts, and re-flash your phone with a default image, done.  Unless you "tinker" with it again, every update will work OTA for you, with no issue.  If having to log into your phone to optify a program or two, or disabling repositories temporarily is more time than you have, then this may be the solution for you.

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