[maemo-users] Not enough memory

From: Johan Helsingius julf at julf.com
Date: Fri Feb 19 11:37:09 EET 2010

> Again, from my understanding, the flash memory is split up
> because it's slightly different hardware wise.  The first
> chunk is a higher class meaning it has faster access, while
> the larger chunk is slower.  If that's true, it makes sense
> that it was partitioned out this way.

You might be right about the hardware, and in that case, yes,
it would make sense to put the frequently-used files on a
smaller piece of faster but more expensive memory. But the
application manager / apt is not a frequently used application.
I do not care if checking for new updates takes 10 or 20 s. So
if you are right, the original partitioning decisions are even
worse than I thought - wasting precious fast memory on stuff
that definitely doesn't need the speed.

> I take no exception to saying it's a poor design choice
> (IN YOUR OPINION) that they didn't go with a device with
> full class 6 flash

I am not talking about hardware design, but a very simple
software/set-up choice. One that, as you yourself point
out, can easily be fixed at no cost. All I am saying is
that it *should* be fixed.

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