[maemo-users] Not enough memory

From: Craig Woodward woody at rochester.rr.com
Date: Sat Feb 20 00:16:50 EET 2010
---- Johan Helsingius <julf at julf.com> wrote: 
>One that, as you yourself point out, can easily be fixed at no cost. All I am saying is that it *should* be fixed.

If I'm reading some of the replies here correctly, it looks like they have done some of this in PR1.1.1, so this may be the last time we have this issue?  Personally, I think it's better to turn off devel and testing before doing an update in any case.  One good example for why is that the main package is really just a big dependency list of other packages to pull.  If beta versions exists in devel and you update with that repository on, it may pull a beta package over a stable one, since it's version is "newer".  Not to mention namespace conflicts.

I don't think most people having this issue are having it because they have repositories just enabled though.  It's usually because they've installed a bunch of things from the repositories that are devel-level and eat lots of space on the rootfs.  I've only "optified" my themes directory by hand, and pulled the optified python package.  Between that and turning off the repositories for the update I had well over 70M free on the root, and I have plenty of devel/testing software installed. (fMMS, Haze, games, Stelarium, pidgin, Joikuspot, several widgits...)

Yes, there at lots of things I think Maemo can fix to help this, and I think they are doing it rather quickly (4 releases in 4 months is an aggressive release cycle).  Just looking at what the community has done to help others update and implementing those changes would be a great start.  Moving themes, icons, apt caches, and the like off to /opt space and linking them over could be a simple update bundled with the rest of the stuff.  But that's not going to fix the world if people keep blindly installing devel apps and not knowing or caring if they're optified yet.

We need to get these ideas to Maemo to fix them, but we also have to push to educate average users who aren't paying attention to the exiting warning signs.  Just complaining that you have to enter commands to move things around isn't helping.  Promoting ideas of what to change, how to better warn/educate users, pushing solutions in the brainstorm area, and the like are much more productive means to that end that complaining about it every month in a user e-mail forum.

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