[maemo-users] Not enough memory

From: Edward Johns ejdomreg at gmail.com
Date: Mon Feb 22 16:14:20 EET 2010
On 19 February 2010 22:16, Craig Woodward <woody at rochester.rr.com> wrote:

>  One good example for why is that the main package is really just a big dependency list of other packages to pull.  If beta versions exists in devel and you update with that repository on, it may pull a beta package over a stable one, since it's version is "newer".  Not to mention namespace conflicts.

This is a useful warning; The "newer" dependency problem can be
negated by using apt pinning:


I *think* (not tried it yet because I'm still waiting for my OTA
update) that you can also configure the maximum cache size used by APT
which may help it it play nicer with rootfs.

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