[maemo-users] PC Connectivity on Karmic Koala 64bit

From: Jarmo.Tikka at nokia.com Jarmo.Tikka at nokia.com
Date: Sun Feb 21 12:49:04 EET 2010

I do not actually have and help to provide this problem but some comments.

Host-pc-connectivity is just a meta package that installs following components.

Summary: Metapackage to install all the pc-connectivity components and to configure them.
Name: host-pc-connectivity
Version: 0
Release: 6
License: distributable
Group: Development

Requires: xorg-x11-server-Xephyr
Requires: sbrsh
Requires: openssh
Requires: fuse-sshfs
Requires: filezilla
Requires: ssh-key-exchange

At the moment host-pc-connectivity does not support any 64-bit operating systems simply because Maemo SDK does not support. You can install individual packages separately from repository if all packages do not install with meta package.

If you want to experiment on 64-bit Linux and have full functionality you need to have at least these packages available on your system.

Xephyr, openssh and ssh-key-exchange (and possible dependencies).

Ssh-key-exchange is just set of scripts to initially setup ssh keys for Maemo device and PC for ssh connections. If done manually no need to have these but they should be ok as such also for any 64-bit Linux OS.

Then there are packages needed for certain use cases:

Sbrsh is needed to be able to launch built applications on Maemo device when they are on PC disk. You can copy your apps to device using scp, SFTP or NFS.

Fuse-sshfs is needed only to mount disks between Maemo device and PC through ssh (can be replaced by standard NFS on Linux if tunneling through ssh connection is not mandatory).

Filezilla provides SFTP GUI client to access Maemo device file system through FTP and can be replaced by any other standard SFTP client.

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>From: Maurizio Napolitano <napoogle at gmail.com>
>Subject: PC Connectivity on Karmic Koala 64bit
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>I readed this guide
>but i think is "out of date"
>In the repository of pc connectivity there is the package for Intrepid 32bit
>The guide on the wiki speak about the version 0.6 of host-pc-connectivity
>but on the repository there is the 0.9.

Version 0.9.x is the final version of host-pc-connectivity.

>If i try to install this version like the explation on the Step 3 i
>obtain a error with the version of sbrsh
>If i force the installation with dpkg --ignore-deps ... the system
>still not working.

If sbrsh does not install or work you just cannot launch applications that are on your PC disk automatically on Maemo device. Sbrsh helps development process where you build your application on PC (on Scratchbox rootstrap or Python runtime) and need to run in on Maemo device for testing, debugging, tracing, ...

If you copy your apps manually to the Maemo device you do not need sbrsh.

>Any suggestion?

Try installing and configuring individual host-pc-connectivity components manually. If some components does not install or work consider some replacement (for example SFTP client) or do you really need to that functionality.


It would be great if somebody is able to create/fix host-pc-connectivity package to install to the 64-bit Ubuntu. All sources for all components are available from Garage repository, Ubuntu repository or upstream projects. I have not put any effort for 64-bit support as we do not have any official 64-bit support for Maemo SDK. 64-bit support would anyhow be needed as host-pc-connectivity is useful also for those who do not use Maemo SDK.

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