[maemo-users] How to enter dashes and spaces in Phone numbers? And voip dialing?

From: Luis Listas lfl at soeiro.com.br
Date: Sun Feb 21 17:37:29 EET 2010
Hello folks

I've noticed that imported contacts can have formated phone numbers. 
However, while editing contacts on the N900 we can't even input a space.

1) Is there some setting to allow this? It is very hard to read numbers 
because of country and region codes.

Which brings the next question:

2) How do you handle numbers to use them for voip calling? I can't find 
a way to configure the N900 voip client to add the necessary numbers 
before trying to call them. Example: 1234-5678 should become +001122 
One workaround could be manually doubling the numbers of every contact. 
One for voip and another for regular phone use. Is there any other way?



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