[maemo-users] Not enough memory

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Mon Feb 22 15:36:25 EET 2010

ext Craig Woodward wrote:
> As for the rest, the tools certainly can know where
> the files are going.  The paths are stored in the package,
> and a simple test-extract will tell you the paths and rough
> size of a file.

I think dpkg tools check the size before packaging the data,
whereas latest maemo-optify thing seems to be doing things in
postinst i.e. after installation (not just extraction).

> A simple pearl script could be setup to
> tally the counts based on the default N900 mounting layout,
> build a percentage, and show how much is root vs opt vs ...
> No, you can't show what it will take for a compressed file
> system,

Compression can make normal ASCII data into 1/3 of its size,
binary data like libs, maybe to 2/3 of their size, already
compressed files (like PNGs and MP3s) aren't affected.

Removal of docs can have also a very large effect, but most
packages don't have that much docs compared to rest of the
package contents size.

If this kind of testing is done elsewhere than on device,
corresponding package files can be just compressed with LZO
to see their compressed size (on device the files will take
a bit more, but this is a good approximation).  Here's
even a script to do it:

> or one that's been linked differently.  But even
> a rough idea for a *standard* N900 setup would be nice.

That can change between releases (I think think it will
in next release, more stuff moves to eMMC to make SSU easier).

And the issue with that is that package doesn't know into which
Fremantle release it's going to be installed.

> If a package moves things or unpacks things during it's
> install, well... that's unavoidable, and again is _already_
> not showing up in the usage estimate we're getting now.
> I think you're just taking this a little too literally.
> Nobody is asking for exact numbers for all scenarios.
> People just want a little more detail on how the existing
> estimate breaks down when it comes to rootfs vs storage.
> Nobody is expecting it to work to the byte, but for most
> packages it's going to give a pretty good idea of how much
> space it will take, and make it much clearer which packages
> have been optified vs which ones have not.

If extras www-pages are going to have something like this, I would
recommend it to round the numbers at least to MBs and empathize that
it's an estimate...

As to SSUs, its the package manager that should give this kind
of information, but I think it's a bit too confusing to have
on the Application Manager UI.

Maybe there could be a separate 3rd party application for the device
which goes through all packages, checks where they've installed their
files & how large they're and shows this information sorted by the size
taken from different partitions so that user knows which packages to
uninstall to get most space.

But that doesn't help if the disk issue isn't from files installed by
packages, but them being open, or there being cache files (for apt

	- Eero

<personal wish>
Fixing of this mess is hopefully something that can be backported
from Harmattan to Fremantle after Harmattan is released...
</personal wish>
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