[maemo-users] Not enough memory

From: Craig Woodward woody at rochester.rr.com
Date: Tue Feb 23 00:57:56 EET 2010
---- Eero Tamminen <eero.tamminen at nokia.com> wrote: 
>Compression can make normal ASCII data into 1/3 of its size

Yes, wonderful.  Is a default N900 using a compressed filesystem? NO. Why are we talking about it?  Moot point.

>And the issue with that is that package doesn't know into which Fremantle release it's going to be installed.

Doesn't the package manager send some kind of identifying info?  Let's assume it doesn't.  Again, we're talking about estimates for the default use case.  90% or more N900 users are going to be using a rather standard system, with the latest firmware base.  If they've re-partitioned their memory, or linked things around, or are still on PR1.0, then they should be monitoring things closer already.

>If extras www-pages are going to have something like this, I would recommend it to round the numbers at least to MBs and empathize that it's an estimate...

The app manager already does.  When I go to install a package, it's not saying it will take 17,367,483 bytes; it says "17.4M".  All that's being asked is for it to now say: 17.4M (1.6M rootfs) or 17.4M (12.2M rootfs) so we can tell if it's a rootfs hog.  Right now "17.4M" doesn't tell us it's a optified package or not, and gives little clue as to how it will impact the system.  Even just the addition of an _estimated percentage_ for rootfs usage makes it very clear if a package is optified or not, as with the example above.

>I think it's a bit too confusing to have on the Application Manager UI.

I disagree.  It think it's absolutely needed in the package manager, especially when the app manager is telling users "insufficient rootfs space" when trying to do PR updates.  The app manager is the default tool they're going to use to install and remove packages.  Knowing how much space a package takes up on the rootfs is critical in selecting which packages to remove to make space for such an update.  Removing a non-optified 8M package is going to free a lot more space on the rootfs than removing an optified one that shows 60M of usage.  But you have to be able to tell if it's optified or not, which right now there's no way of telling.

>Maybe there could be a separate 3rd party application 

That would be great too, but having it in the app manager would make it that much easier.  It's one small piece of metadata, a few bytes per package.  Even if it's collected during install (doing a df pre/post and storing that per block device), it's something.  Nothing but the app manager can do that though, since it's the one doing the installs.  And really, nobody wants to hop from one app to the other to find/delete rootfs hogs.

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