[maemo-users] iPhone/Andriod(Nexus One)/N900 ... was possible bug in N900 Maemo 5 desktop

From: Aldon Hynes Aldon.Hynes at Orient-Lodge.com
Date: Tue Jan 5 22:14:23 EET 2010
Looking at the specs of the Nexus One, I see that it has a Qualcomm 1Ghz
processor.  That looks nice.  5 megapixel camera, same as N900.  512M Flash,
512M RAM and 4GB Micro SD.  The extra ram is nice, but the lack of disk
space is a concern to me.  It has a digital compass, which is nice.  Does
not have stero speakers builtin, that's too bad.  So, as hardware it has
some pluses and some minuses.

In terms of the OS, I don't know people who have done any Android hacking,
so I can't talk about how easy it is to really tweak the machine.  iPhone
isn't bad in this area, if you jailbreak it.  But in terms of
customizability, the N900 is still the tops as far as I can tell.  (The
FreeRunner probably beats the N900 in that category, but severely lags in
the hardware).

Many of my friends love their iPhones and will stay with them.  I can see
Nexus One drawing off some iPhone users, and perhaps even more WinMobile
users.  However, most of the people that I know that like the N900, I
believe, will still be drawn to the N900 over the Nexus One.

To me, it seems to be very much a question of how much you want someone else
to control your phone and how much you want to be in control of the phone
yourself.  Personally, I prefer to be able to get in and fix bugs myself
instead of waiting for large corporation to do it.  So, my biggest gripe
with the N900 is that it isn't as open source as I would like, even though
it is much more open than any other phone out there (again, with the
exception of the FreeRunner, which I don't believe is viable).


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Oh... so it's just another case of Nokia's OS (never mind the shipped
apps) not being ready for release, well after the device has started
shipping to clueless consumers... Yeah, that's better.... >:-(

But the Nexus One is shipping today. Sayonara, Nokia!!!!!!



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