[maemo-users] the Nexus hype is worse than the iPhone hype

From: micu micuintus at gmx.de
Date: Wed Jan 6 02:42:06 EET 2010
Hey Mark et. al,

Am Dienstag, 5. Januar 2010 21:01:15 schrieb Mark:
> But the Nexus One is shipping today. Sayonara, Nokia!!!!!!

WTF, not even on the Maemo mailing list I am protected against Google Nexus 

What's next—an iPhone app to buy a Google Nexus One?

> http://www.google.com/phone

Honestly, If I wanted to have an Android device, I had bought a Motorola 
Milestone or an HTC Hero instead of my N900. But I wanted (and still want) a 
Debian-like "real" GNU/Linux-Distro instead of locked-up Java stuff.

So why would I wanna buy a Nexus One? And even more, why would anyone here be 
interested in finding Nexus ads *here*‽ 

Kind regards, 
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