[maemo-users] Forced Upgrade to N900 from N810

From: Peter Bart petertheplumber at att.net
Date: Thu Jan 14 18:01:47 EET 2010
Good Morning Everyone,
	Yesterday I must have walked past the last transformer I was able to
without damage to my n810. The screen is now unresponsive most of the
time. I pulled the battery and left it for the night. After that I was
able to get the terminal started and copied /home to a memory card. I
did have a backup; from that morning using the built in utility; but
some things weren't able to make it to a spare n800 I still have. I
assume because things are different between the n810 and n800, even
though both are running Diablo 5.2008.43-7.
Specifically .spotyah??.dat, .gpe, so far, no matter I have them copied.
I'm assuming that because things are different between Diablo and
Fremantle, I'm not going to want to restore from backup. Sadly, I have
not been maemo.org in a long time and I have a lot of catching up to do.
I know, I know, rtfm. Would someone kindly point me to what I should
read first, I would like to be able to use my new n900 as quickly as
possible, and then read through the rest. I understand the repository
structure has changed somewhat? I see that several apps I depend on;
like Xournal(yippee!), OMWeather, Leafpad; have allready been ported.
Where might I find GPE?
Best Regards,

Peter The Plumber

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