[maemo-users] Forced Upgrade to N900 from N810

From: Graham Cobb g+770 at cobb.uk.net
Date: Tue Jan 19 02:07:19 EET 2010
On Thursday 14 January 2010 16:01:47 Peter Bart wrote:
> Where might I find GPE?


The GPE apps for Fremantle are in "extras-testing", meaning that they are 
effectively in "Beta" status.  I have found and fixed a number of problems 
and new versions will be created soon, I hope.  Note that they have (mostly) 
not been ported to be finger-friendly (you will see what I mean when you try 

The N900 comes with contacts and calendar/todo apps so it is not clear the GPE 
apps are very useful on the N900.  But I do intend to eventually get them 
into Extras.

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