[maemo-users] N800 alarm has gone silent

From: Simón Pena Placer bulfaiter at gmail.com
Date: Tue Jan 19 16:20:29 EET 2010
2010/1/19 Paul Yu <pahtz at yahoo.com.au>:
> Hi,
> My N800 alarm/clock app has gone silent. The alarm popup appears asking me to Close or Snooze, but no sound plays.
> When setting the alarm I am able to test the alarm tone and it works.
> I think it is some weird interaction with having the media player open (paused) when the alarm goes off.
> How can I fix this?


I don't know if this is your user on the forums, but there is this
thread [1] talking about the same issue. It points to a bug [2], which
they said might be related.

However, I experienced the same bug myself, with recurring alarms
going silent (and I got late at work :P). The fix that worked for me
was either

a) Going "offline mode", and then "online mode" again
b) Doing a) and rebooting. (I can't recall if I had to remove the battery)

If my "fixes" (doesn't deserve that name) doesn't work, I hope the links will.

> Thanks,
> Paul.

Hope this helps,


[1] http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=26303
[2] https://bugs.maemo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1112
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