[maemo-users] cannot display GUI apps using maemo 2.2 with QEMU

From: Han keepsimple at gmail.com
Date: Sun Jan 31 01:36:44 EET 2010

I am using maemo 2.2 to develop apps for my N770 (i know it's really
old device ;-) ). Everything works well when testing using i386 target
under the scratchbox.  The GUI part is good too, using Xephyr as the
display server.

However, when I switched to ARM target in the scratchbox (CPU
transparency is qemu-arm), the GUI part does not show up in the Xephyr
window at all.  And there is no error message from the console (or

I am wondering,  does maemo 2.2. supports GUI app with qemu ?

my setup:  Ubuntu 8.10,  scratchbox 1.0.17 installed from Debian
packages,  maemo 2.2 installed.

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