[maemo-users] Firefox on n810

From: Peter Flynn peter.flynn at mars.ucc.ie
Date: Sun Jan 31 23:16:41 EET 2010
Gary wrote:
> yeah, just updated from RC1 with the app manager. it takes a moment to 
> initialize but not much longer than microB.

It must be huge, though.

> I'm installing Mer now, too. all the fuss about the iPad reminded me to 
> dust off my Nokia tablet & hug an open platform. ;)

Is Mer really functional for an N800 yet? Given that there isn't an 
icicle's hope in hell of my ever affording an N900 or an iPad or even a 
Notion Ink, it might be nice to upgrade at least a little way from 
OS2008. And once I'm finished my thesis I might have time to contribute.

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