[maemo-users] N900: eMail: Filtering / configuring folder list

From: Sergio Villar Senin svillar at igalia.com
Date: Tue Mar 9 10:40:42 EET 2010
Gunter Ohrner escribiu:
> Hi!
> I just got my new, shiny N900 and updated it to firmware release Maemo 5 
> 3.2010.02-8.
> I read the manual, but I could not find any way to configure the mail 
> application to become usable.
> I added my IMAP4 mail account which contains about 260 mail folders, 
> lots of them with archived mails only. The mail application simply 
> displays ALL folders in a single, flat list. There does not seem to be a 
> way to collapse subfolder trees, and I also could not find a way to 
> filter the view to subscribed IMAP folders or, alternatively, to display 
> folders with unread messages only.

There is no way to collapse mail folders. It was designed with the idea
that people normally only have a few folders (most of people only have

What you could do is to use another email client to unsubscribe from the
folders you don't normally use, I'm pretty sure that you don't even
normally check 10% of them.


> Where and how can I configure this, having to scroll to the full folder 
> list makes the whole mail app barely usable... ;)
> Thanks for any hints,
>   Gunter
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