[maemo-users] N900: eMail: Filtering / configuring folder list

From: Oleg Hahm oleg at hobbykeller.org
Date: Tue Mar 9 10:47:48 EET 2010
Hi there,

Am Tue, Mar 09, 2010 at 09:40:42AM +0100 schrieb Sergio Villar Senin:
> What you could do is to use another email client to unsubscribe from the
> folders you don't normally use, I'm pretty sure that you don't even
> normally check 10% of them.

I don't think this would help. So far as I am aware Modest (N900s default mail
client) simply ignores folder subscriptions. But I think that I have recently
seen a ticket in the bug tracker concerning this issue to be improved in
upcoming releases.

So far the only solutions are using a different MUA (mail user agent) such as
mutt [1] or implementing the desired feature by yourself...


P.S. I suffer from a similar problem by the way.

[1] http://mutt.org
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