[maemo-users] N800 Locking up regularly, even after reimage.

From: David Hagood david.hagood at gmail.com
Date: Thu Mar 10 03:22:26 EET 2011
I have a N800 that locks up on a far too regular basis, even though I've
reflashed it several times.

I normally run with root on the internal SDHC card, to save wear and
tear on the internal flash & to have a larger rootfs to install more

The symptoms are maddingly variable, yet consistent: the unit will be
working fine, then, I do "something" to cause it to change state, and it
locks up. Sometimes it's plugging the charger in. Sometimes it's
unlocking it. Sometimes it's just unblanking the screen. Sometimes it
will lock with 100% CPU, and no response to any keypresses or
touchscreen events, but the clock on the desktop keeps updating.
Sometimes it locks with the LED flashing. Sometimes it just dies. In no
cases is it possible to get it to shut down by any means other than
removing the battery.

Moreover, on a regular basis it screws the rootfs (EXT3), sometimes just
some minor issues a fsck will fix, sometimes totally borking it. I've
also noticed that there are enough differences between what the N800
calls ext3 and what my Maverick laptop thinks ext3 is that doing an fsck
on the laptop almost aways makes a mess of the card.

Has anybody else seen this? Would the new kernels in the Diablo Turbo
packages be worth applying?

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