[maemo-users] N800 Locking up regularly, even after reimage.

From: Nils Faerber nils.faerber at kernelconcepts.de
Date: Fri Mar 11 14:20:31 EET 2011
Am 10.03.2011 02:22, schrieb David Hagood:
> I have a N800 that locks up on a far too regular basis, even though I've
> reflashed it several times.
> I normally run with root on the internal SDHC card, to save wear and
> tear on the internal flash & to have a larger rootfs to install more
> stuff.

Installing more stuff is a good argument, while wear is not something
you should not have to worry about.

> The symptoms are maddingly variable, yet consistent: the unit will be
> working fine, then, I do "something" to cause it to change state, and it
> locks up. Sometimes it's plugging the charger in. Sometimes it's
> unlocking it. Sometimes it's just unblanking the screen. Sometimes it
> will lock with 100% CPU, and no response to any keypresses or
> touchscreen events, but the clock on the desktop keeps updating.
> Sometimes it locks with the LED flashing. Sometimes it just dies. In no
> cases is it possible to get it to shut down by any means other than
> removing the battery.

I would very much guess that this is caused by your rootfs on SD.
I can imagine many cases where a slight "waking up the SD too late" can
cause hickups on running system services and thus all kinds of random

> Moreover, on a regular basis it screws the rootfs (EXT3), sometimes just
> some minor issues a fsck will fix, sometimes totally borking it. I've
> also noticed that there are enough differences between what the N800
> calls ext3 and what my Maverick laptop thinks ext3 is that doing an fsck
> on the laptop almost aways makes a mess of the card.
> Has anybody else seen this? Would the new kernels in the Diablo Turbo
> packages be worth applying?

Have you probably also tried to use a different SD card? Maybe the card
is a little flaky - I had quite some by now too.


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