[maemo-users] Maemo 5 - 802.1x PEAP+MSCHAPv2

From: Sicelo absicsz at gmail.com
Date: Tue Feb 11 19:29:47 UTC 2014
> There was problem with self signed certificates and certificates which
> did not have stored CA in maemo certman. I do not remember if this was
> fixed or not. Try to check if both CA and certificate itself are
> installed in Settings --> Certificates.

Yes, these are installed. Whether or not I have them, I still can't connect.
> I do not have any problem with connecting to wifi WPA2 EAP TTLS+GTC or
> EAP PEAP+MSCHAPv2. Try to check also syslog, if nokias eapd daemon did
> not write any error message.

This is the message from eapd:
Feb 11 19:45:26 fremantle icd2 0.87+fremantle10+0m5[1312]: EAP: [9d4b057a-56a6-454f-852c-245c6ff30a55] authentication failed because EAP_FAILED received: EAP authentication failed (com.nokia.icd.error.wlan_authentication_failed)

Would there be some gconf values to edit which could help here?
> Other option is to use wpa_supplicant (which is in extras-devel) and
> connect manually to wifi network like on any linux machine.
> I'm using wpa_supplicant for ethernet 802.1X authentification with usb
> ethernet card connected to n900 in usb host mode and there is no
> problem.
Would you be able to show me how to do this with the built-in wifi adapter of the N900? I had previously installed wpa_gui, but could never get the card to show. I'm guessing something keeps it 'locked' always. I tried 'stop wlancond' and 'stop csd' and never got any luck.
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> Pali Rohár
> pali.rohar at gmail.com
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