[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Reverse Shell 1.92

From: Tomi Ollila tomi.ollila at guru.guru-group.fi
Date: Thu Feb 2 23:42:12 EET 2006
Hi all

Reverse Shell 1.92 is released and information
of it is available at 


There is small (but somewhat significant) updates
to revsh and revcp command line clients.

revsh-tunnel-gui has got major improvements since
the first 1.91 versions. I think the useability
is good enough now. There are some things to be
fixed(*) but those doesn't affect "normal" usage.

The development of that will go even slower pace
mode now, based on the need I might encounter.
(or perfectionism that hits me usually sooner
 than later)

Anyway, may the software be useful to many of yoy.


(*) osso_initialize(), truncating tty output window.

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