[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Status of Java on the N770 ??

From: monteslu at cox.net monteslu at cox.net
Date: Fri Feb 3 02:57:10 EET 2006
There isn't an open source J2ME implementation out there.

I'm currently trying to implement one but could use a bit of help :)

I think a derivative of GNU Classpath and jamvm could work.
The archives on this list show that jamvm/classpath(J2SE) can be compiled for the device, but there are some GTK bindings problems.
Once fixed, it may still not be practical given the limited hardware on the 770.

The J2ME CLDC 1.1 and MIDP 1.0 specs are pretty small. I think it would be nice to implelment CLDC1.1 as a subset of classpath .20, and the MIDP1.0(or the much larger MIDP 2.0) as jni calls to  GTK/Hildon.
Once that is complete, jbluez or a bluetooth package on top of javax.comm(rxtx's implementation) could be added to support JSR82.

I know the screen is larger than what most J2ME targets are, but there is no reason we can't use all the pixels in new development, or do some kind of zooming on older Midlets.

Nokia could also give us a hand by replacing the jamvm component with something of their's that could use the ARM Jazelle extensions to really speed up java on the device.

Having j2me on the device would instantly get us hundreds more applications and games. It would also open it up for cross-platform development and other IDE's like eclipse.



> From: Fabrice DI MEGLIO <fdimeglio at teaser.fr>
> Date: 2006/02/01 Wed PM 07:05:13 EST
> To: maemo-developers at maemo.org
> CC: maemo-users at maemo.org,  Fabrice DI MEGLIO <fdimeglio at teaser.fr>
> Subject: [maemo-developers] Status of Java on the N770 ??
> Hi,
> I have just bought a nice 770 a couple of days ago and would like to 
> develop / port some Java applications on it (as probably some other 
> developers).
> My first experiments with finding something usable has been not very 
> successful:
> - blackdown Java 1.3.1 for ARM processor does not seems to install nor 
> run correctly
> - jamvm seems to start but is very restricted due to current GNU 
> classpath implementation and does not provide any JIT.
> So could I get a status, infos and your experience about Java running on 
> the 770 ??
> Unfortunately, if it is not possible today I will probably need to give 
> it back :-((
> Best,
> Fabrice
> PS1: yes , I have already installed scratchbox and looked at the C/C++ 
> way of developing application for it but I really need running Java.
> PS2: sure it would be great to run a Java VM CDC 1.1 with Personal 
> Profile on it ;-))
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