[maemo-developers] Failure Rate 770s, was [Offtopic] Broken 770 or broken configuration

From: Simon Moore simon.moore at ndirect.co.uk
Date: Mon Feb 26 13:19:28 EET 2007

Current failure rate within the first couple of months of purchase is 
around 19% (for those tested, sample size 21)

Decided to compile a list of all the faults we have encountered 
requiring sending device back to nokia and %failure within the first 
year as I imagine we are one of the few people on the list who buy 
quite a lot.  Maybe Nokia would fix it permanently if everyone was 
aware how buggy the hardware was?

So far we have had three screen failures (of the type described in 
this thread) and one completely dead out of the packaging (wouldn't 
even show charging screen or power on).  So that is four failures out 
of around twenty eight purchased (only twenty one tested so far) all 
less than 6 months old, most purchased this year.  We have seven at a 
site that haven't been tested yet.

I will compile a spreadsheet of all the ones we have bought and time 
period to failure etc and add to it as time goes on (I estimate we 
will probably get another hundred in the next 12 months) and 
periodically post the stats to the list.

So far we only have one 800 in testing so no stats on them yet but it 
still works :-).

As far as the cause go, one failed with dodgy screen when I was 
testing after a flash and reboot, the other two (with dodgy screen) 
were during everyday use and definitely not flashed but may of course 
have done a full reboot because of Opera's bugginess, that is the 
only app that is used by us on site.

As consequence of the ridiculously high failure rate we have changed 
our procedures to flash the devices 5 times with full reboot before 
sending any more out to sites in the hope of failing buggy hardware 
ASAP so it can be replaced.  Shouldn't nokia do this?

Kind Regards

At 15:12 24/02/2007, Igor Stoppa wrote:

>On Sat, 2007-02-24 at 12:39 +0100, ext Rainer Dorsch wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > post is somewhat offtopic, but my 770 broke, and I wanted to check the
> > expertise here, before I bring it in to Nokia.
> >
> > Last week I could not access the MMC card in the 770 any more on my
> > 770. It was mounted read only which apparently happens when there are
> > errors reading or writting the device. Fortunately, reformatting the
> > device with ext2 solved that problem. It was vfat before.
>It might have happened if you have removed improperly your 770 from a
>USB connection to a pc.
> > After rebooting, the trouble with the display began. The display looks
> > "smeared out" now and the content is unreadable. I have a two photos
> > showing that:
> >
> > http://www.alzental-castle.de/~rd/BrokenDisplay/
> >
> > First I though that is an hardware issue, but since the problem showed
> > up after rebooting the device, I am wondering, if this is really true.
> >
> > Reflashing the device did not help.
> >
> > Any hint what I could check before I bring it in to Nokia is welcome....
>It need servicing. In certain conditions (like power on sequence) there
>is a hw issue that results in LCD failure. It happened to me as well and
>after I replaced the LCD, the smearing disappeared.
>If you want some entertainment while you wait for your unit to be fixed,
>read the threads about this problem and all the speculations about the
>cause :)
>Cheers, Igor
>Igor Stoppa <igor.stoppa at nokia.com>
>(Nokia M - OSSO /Helsinki Finland)
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