[maemo-developers] Maemo as an OS????

From: Vikas Murthy vikasm at TechMahindra.com
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In that case,

A kernel, library stack and Maemo on top of it.
In this order....

Hildon-------------------------------------Topmost layer
GTK+, D-Bus 
X Window System
GNU/Linux---------------------------------Bottommost layer

Can I build a basic internet tablet and also use its internet
functionalities( Browze, Mail, VoIP, etc)?????

Can u please tell me all the softwares/Source-codes I will have to
install on the bare hardware reference board????
Is my software stack I have mentioned above correct???

Thank you all again.
Vikas N.R

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Maemo alone will not work. You need the also a small basis in form of a
small kernel.

2007/3/1, Vikas Murthy < vikasm at techmahindra.com
<mailto:vikasm at techmahindra.com> >:
I thank you all for the answers given to me.
Things are now clear.
Maemo is a development platform to develop applications for Nokia 770
and n800 .

There is just one curiosity:
1)      After installing Maemo( and its library stack)   on a hardware
reference board(with an LCD display, used for development) can I use
that platform itself as an internet tablet?? 
				That is, Can I use internet (for
browsing, mailing, VoIP, etc) through the hardware platform with just
				In a simpler way, can maemo3.0 itself
serve as a very basic OS??

I await a reply.
Thank you all in advance ,


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