[maemo-developers] Python libosso bindings and ICd not working

From: Luciano M. Wolf lucianomw at gmail.com
Date: Thu Mar 1 15:27:02 EET 2007
Hi Erik,

I had the same problem testing here. At this moment we are migrating
the PyMaemo repository to garage.maemo.org and this will take some
time. Finishing this task we will take a look on this problem in osso
bindings. Could you file a bug in pymaemo bugzilla[1]? Thanks in



On 2/28/07, Erik Walthinsen <omega at vcolo.com> wrote:
> I've got a control panel app that must have a constant network connection in
> order to function (button press -> UDP packet).  For the moment I've faked
> up a wrapper script that uses a preload'd ping, but it's very lame and
> doesn't work consistently, which is not good in this situation.
> I'm trying to use the libosso bindings to connect, and eventually listen to
> status_changed so I can reconnect and reinitialize my network sockets.  It's
> not even coming close to working ;-(
> Figuring the bindings would be better, I started by grabbing the latest
> pymaemo2.5.  Then I tried the following script:
> =====
> #!/usr/bin/env python
> import osso
> import gtk
> osso_c = osso.Context("icconnect", "0.0.1", False)
> osso_rpc = osso.Rpc(osso_c)
> try:
>    retval = osso_rpc.rpc_run(
>          "com.nokia.icd",
>          "/com/nokia/icd",
>          "com.nokia.icd",
>          "connect",
>          ("omegacs.net",0),
>          True,
>          True)
> except Exception, inst:
>    print "failed with exception "+repr(inst)
> else:
>    print "retval is %s" % retval
> =====
> I get the following error:
> failed with exception SystemError('error return without exception set',)
> AFAICT this is an internal Python error that means the bindings have a bug.
> OTOH, calling "disconnect" with ("omegacs.net",) returns with "omegacs.net"
> and no error, but does nothing.
> This is rather critical to my application, and any other potential Python
> program, so I would appreciate hints as to either what I'm doing wrong, or
> what in pymaemo needs to be worked on so it can function.
> As a side note, I tried to use the DBus bindings directly, which also failed
> miserably.  I was told that Maemo's DBus doesn't support introspection, yet
> the python bindings will not function without introspection, making the
> bindings completely worthless.  Is this really true?
> TIA,
>     Omega
>     aka Erik Walthinsen
>     omega at vcolo.com
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