[maemo-developers] GeoClue and Summer of Code

From: Henri Bergius henri.bergius at iki.fi
Date: Fri Mar 2 14:22:11 EET 2007
Hi, all!

I saw Quim's post about the Google Summer of Code on maemo-developers.
I wonder if GeoClue would be a fitting project there?

GeoClue is a DBUS-based positioning service layer for free desktops.
It can be used to add geographical awareness for applications, which
would fit a mobile device like Maemo perfectly.

Currently GeoClue is still in development stage, with some position
information backends like GPSD and "host IP" already working and
Plazes almost there.

The project would provide nice opportunities for students to work on:

* Integrating GeoClue positioning to various applications
  - Maemo Mapper position source
  - Switching timezones when you travel
  - "Where are your friends" based on Jabber positioning extension
  - Geotagging images or any other information produced on the device
* Building "geo widgets" to Maemo and GNOME
  - Map widget displaying stuff on the map
  - Location selection widget ("I'm now in central Helsinki")
* Aggregating location-based info to the Maemo device
  - Wikipedia pages near you (the mobile travel guide scenario)
  - Local news
  - Weather
  - ...

I'm quite sure both Tigert and myself would be available as mentors.
While I'm only learning Maemo/GNOME hacking myself, I have quite a bit
of experience about dealing with geographical information in the web

More info from GeoClue in:

And some related stuff in:

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