[maemo-developers] EDS: listing existing addressbooks

From: Adam L spycedtx at gmail.com
Date: Fri Mar 2 23:08:56 EET 2007
I'm running this on a live 770, with contacts.  I would expect this call to return a count of 1, if I'm understanding it correctly.

    ESourceList *sources = NULL;
    if (!e_book_get_addressbooks(&sources, &err))
    printf("e_book_get_addressbooks error\n");

      GSList *list = e_source_list_peek_groups(sources);
      guint bookcnt = g_slist_length(list);
      printf("there are %d items in the list\n", bookcnt);

However, it returns a count of 0.

I pulled in the source from garage, and looking at the latest-release, I see this in e-book.c:

 *addressbook_sources = e_source_list_new_for_gconf (gconf, "/apps/evolution/addressbook/sources");

Is this the value it should be pointing at?  Am I not understanding what this call should be returning?  

I found mention, on a google hunt, that it was suspected this call was broken on maemo, but was never confirmed.

thanks for any input!

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