[maemo-developers] sardine-developers mailing list

From: Carlos Guerreiro carlos.guerreiro at nokia.com
Date: Mon Mar 5 10:03:39 EET 2007
ext Ed Okerson wrote:
>> Hi,
>> A new 'sardine-developers' mailing list has been recently created.
> I thought there was a survey a few weeks ago that decided against this
> sort of new list creation.  How is "sardine" development different from
> "maemo" development?  Isn't Sardine a maemo distribution?
> Ed
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Sardine is indeed a Maemo distribution.

Sardine development is currently different from Maemo development
in the sense that it is about developing a distribution day by day which
is not the way Maemo as a whole is developed - though it will hopefully
be one day.
Most of what is currently discussed in sardine-developers is
about the distro packaging, build system and infrastructure.
That discussion benefits from a separate focused discussion list.
We've been encouraging our developers to engage in this
discussion in maemo-developers, rather than internally at Nokia,
but it never really took off until this separate list was created.
Nothing prevents us from folding sardine-developers into
maemo-developers one day though. Personally, I see that happening
as we extend sardine to cover the whole Maemo scope and sardine
becomes the window towards the upcoming Maemo release.


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