[maemo-developers] [Java] Mentor wanted for Summer of Code 2007 ;)

From: Clemens Eisserer linuxhippy at gmail.com
Date: Mon Mar 5 21:26:44 EET 2007
Hi there,

I wonder wether anybody would be willed to mentor me at Google's
Summer of Code 2007. I would like to work on a useable java
implementation based on Sun's open-sourced phoneME runtime, to create
a write-once-run-everywhere enviroment for Maemo and GPE based devices
to make life easier for application developers.
More or less an opensource counterpart to .NET compact ;)

My ideas would be:
- Complete / adopt the existing but broken GTK-AWT peers
- Maemo-Softkeybord support
- JME support including an application manager (integrated into
maemo's program manager) based on MicroEmulator.
- Management UI to launch unmodified java applications and for
creating shortcuts with them in the menus.

This would bring the following benefits for GPE and Maemo:

- Support for (the few existing) JME applications. (Foundation Profile).
Although not many applications exist it would be easy to adopt
existing java applications to Foundation Profile. Once converted these
applications would run on many Foundation-Profile devices without the
need to be adopted anymore.

- Additional support for the tons of existing midlets.
This would be great for the thousands of mobile-games and applications
(e.g. google gmail for mobiles).

Is anybody interrested in beeing a mentor for me?
I don't expect somebody I can mail and ask anytime because the list is
already there, so it shouldn't consume a lot of time.

Of course the points above are just ideas so I would be happy about
ideas and/or corrections.

Thank you in advance, lg Clemens

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