[maemo-developers] any issue with flaser-3.0 and Debian Etch ?

From: Igor Blanco igorbg at terra.es
Date: Mon Mar 5 22:24:55 EET 2007
Is there any special issue with the flasher 3.0 and Debian etch ?

My Nokia n800 did not start ( it loaded all the progress bar but never
changed to desktop ) probably due to some corrupt soft package I
installed. I wanted to flash it in Debian Etch but it did not detect the
USB device. 

In fact when I connect the device and turn it on while pushing the home
button not even the USB sign appears. I can find issues related to
Ubuntu but nothing about Debian Etch, is there also a problem with the
flasher in Debian Etch or is just my installation ?

Finally I managed to flash the device in Windows so obviously the
problem is not de Nokia n800.


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