[maemo-developers] WLAN Scanning problem

From: kalle ahokangas kalleahok at gmail.com
Date: Tue Mar 6 14:31:10 EET 2007

I have problem when I perform WLAN scanning when internet connection is on.
I'm still trying to do an application which scans APs RSSI info and then
send them to server via internet connection.
This requires that I have internet connection on (wlan is associated with
AP) at the same time I'm performing scanning, but when the connection is on
RSSI information doesn't update properly.
Only the associated AP RSSI information is uptated!

I have investigated the driver code and debugged the situation and I get
error code -22 from sm_drv_set_scan method from sm_drv_ioctl_umac.c at line

/* And finally we send the scan request */
ret = sm_drv_oid_set(dev, DOT11_OID_SCAN, (void*)&scan, sizeof(int16_t));

(Do you know where I can find expanations for those errors?)

I hope you can understand the situation. The question is:

Connection manager scans properly even if the internet connection is on so I
assume that this scenario is doable.
What  I have to do to to get the scanning to work while internet connection
is on? Do I have to give some parameters to the driver or what?

You can see that I'm lost here but I'd appreciate your help very much again.

- Kalle
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