[maemo-developers] N800 and USB host mode

From: Michael Wiktowy michael.wiktowy at gmail.com
Date: Wed Mar 7 01:41:20 EET 2007
On 3/6/07, Larry Battraw <lbattraw at gmail.com> wrote:
>   There was never a removal of the functionality since this is a new
> chipset and support for it was not available for it (AFAIK) in the
> kernel until recently.  I tried it out and it's pretty rough in (the
> current kernel version) 2.6.18; it would crash very quickly after
> booting up and I couldn't get it to actually do anything as far as
> host-mode is concerned.  So no conspiracy, just no working code :-)  I
> expect as support firms up we'll see it made available on the n800,
> particularly if people are interested enough to help out.  A
> roadmap/wishlist for changes to the platform is being created so this
> would definitely be a candidate for the list.

That makes complete sense, thanks for the info. I did notice another
related thread after I posted this giving me some hope.

The absence of facts invites speculation. I wasn't speculating that
there was a great Nokia conspiracy to deny us USB-hosting. I was
speculating that one of the reasons could have been legitimate
aversion to liability.

One thing that should go on this wishlist is a link from every item to
a separate page where there are reasons why a particular wishlist item
isn't implemented yet and specific requests for community help. I
think there is a lot of FOSS people not knowing what Nokia is already
doing in-house and not knowing what to sink their teeth into that will
end up being made redundant before they are done. A little note for
each item saying something like "Nokia internal is not working on this
currently" or " this work is being done upstream at this URL" or "this
work is waiting on x project to get their act in gear and support
function y".

I saw this new roadmap at one point but lost the link to it (the old
Maemo roadmap link is horribly outdated). Can someone point the way to


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