[maemo-developers] Wishlist (was:Re: N800 and USB host mode)

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Thu Mar 8 13:05:07 EET 2007

ext Kalle Vahlman wrote:
> I haven't confirmed this, but according to the (non-exhaustive)
> benchmarking currently it probably should be faster to work with image
> surface in Cairo and only push the result to X, since it is
> accelerated in neither.

It might not be faster[1], but at least rest of the system (using X
server) remains more responsive while a single client uses CPU instead
of server used by all the applications being busy.

> This is of course assuming that Cairo's
> software implementation is faster to do it, which I don't know. What I
> *do* know is that Cairo's image backend gets a nice boost from using
> VFP so at least in that case it should beat Xlib surface hands down
> (which didn't benefit from VFP that much).

	- Eero

[1] There's a bug in Cairo bugzilla about slowness on 16-bit display
     when using Render though...

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