[maemo-developers] DVD content playback possible or not? Re: Wishlist (was:Re: N800 and USB host mode)

From: Daniel Stone daniel.stone at nokia.com
Date: Fri Mar 9 12:20:28 EET 2007
On Fri, Mar 09, 2007 at 09:45:03AM +0100, ext Hanno Zulla wrote:
> > Right now, the biggest bottleneck in video decoding is RFBI bandwidth
> > (i.e. the bus between OMAP and the LCD controller we use), being too
> > slow to push more than ~15fps through at 800x480.  Beefing up the
> > processor-side decoding doesn't help.  We've been working on this and
> > the next firmware update will give you significantly faster video (with
> > a couple of caveats).
> > 
> > So it's mostly just down to the large image display, which more or less
> > suffers from the same problem.  I don't think it would give us much
> > benefit at all.
> So from the hardware side, it is definitely no-matter-what-you-try
> impossible to play DVD video content on the N800, even if there was help
> from the DSP?

Not really.  The next firmware release has gone to great lengths to
improve video performance by doing scaling on the LCD controller, as
well as the colourspace conversion.  I think you'll be pleasantly
surprised. ;)
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