[maemo-developers] DVD content playback possible or not? Re: Wishlist

From: Klaus Rotter klaus at rotters.de
Date: Sun Mar 11 15:30:39 EET 2007
Zoran Kolic wrote:
>> It's a kernel and large X server update.  Unfortunately I'm not in a
>> position to be able to release them to the public.
> I'm not exactly interested for this topic, but kernel and x _are_ public.

Well, anyone can modifiy source code and no one has to release that code 
if you don't release any binaries. Daniel could release some diffs, but 
if his employer don't want that he risks his job. We don't want that ;-)
I will happily wait some more weeks (I hope not months) to get a full 
blown kernel/OS update for my N800. And yes, then Nokia should also 
release the source code.

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