[maemo-developers] sbox2 update

From: Lauri Leukkunen lle at rahina.org
Date: Mon Mar 12 02:59:16 EET 2007

sb2 is able to build maemo-mapper using

dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -d

This was done on AMD64 Debian/Etch system using my own toolchain and
etch's 0.90 version of qemu-arm. You can get both sb2 and the
toolchain from http://rahina.org/sb2/

The toolchain is for AMD64 systems, for 32bit x86 hosts you can use
codesourcery's toolchain. SB2 cannot really use their toolchain on
AMD64 systems as that creates a conflict between 32/64bit libraries.

I'm going to move SB2 to fdo pretty soon, probably next weekend. I
already got the project space for it on their servers. Thanks go to
Daniel Stone for fixing that. Maybe this helps people get over their
fear of getting involved?

If there's somebody with experience in writing really efficient regexp
and general string handling code in C, SB2 could do with a new mapping
engine to speed things up a bit. Lua is nice for prototyping, but I
think the real deal will have to be something else.


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