[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Problem with Home plugin

From: Vlad Vasiliev vlad at gas.by
Date: Mon Mar 12 10:07:06 EET 2007
Eero Tamminen wrote:

>> I've just encountered a problem with omweather where it made some
>> of the statusbar plugins not to work properly.  Disabling omweather
>> didn't help in this problem and re-enabling it crashed desktop.
>> The problem wasn't reproducable, but are you doing something funny
>> with D-BUS in omweather?
> Another problem with the omweather applet seems to be that it leaks *40*
> MB of RAM during the night while it's "idling" (and as a result
> applications will get OOM-killed by the kernel).

Please send me:
1. Version OS.
1. Version of the OMWeather  you use.
2. What  country, state(region), city have you chosen.
3. Was the device connected  to the Internet at night?
4.  Please, post me your /var/lib/gconf/apps/maemo/omweather/%gconf.xml
file for debug.


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