[maemo-developers] Device Soft Reset + App autostart

From: Simon Moore simon.moore at ndirect.co.uk
Date: Tue Mar 13 20:19:24 EET 2007
I've noticed the 770 when connected to it's charger and a USB 
ethernet adapter is actually still on when it has been powered down 
via the power button in a semi booted state - enough that I can ssh 
in and the eth0 has been brought up and I can x11vnc to forward the 
battery charging screen.  However I cannot find any way to then tell 
the system to power up from that state (without manually pressing the 
power button), really useful to us for remote debugging software.  I 
am guessing there is some command you can run that will do it.  I 
tried the normal linux things like telinit, shutdown and halt and 
while they seem to do what they say on the tin none of them actually 
get it to boot up / reboot with the screen on as per normal.


At 17:32 04/03/2007, Frantisek Dufka wrote:

>Acadia Secure Networks wrote:
>>it would be useful to have a GUI capability to tell the N800 OS to 
>>reboot without having to power down.
>This is in fact implemented, but disabled by default. You can 
>uncomment reboot item in /etc/systemui/systemui.xml (effective after 
>next reboot). Then you see it as additional 'Reboot' item in device 
>mode dialog.
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