[maemo-developers] Failure Rate of 770s update. now 17%

From: Simon Moore simon.moore at ndirect.co.uk
Date: Tue Mar 13 21:38:14 EET 2007
Current failure rate within the first three months of purchase is 
17.2% (sample size 29, 5 failed)

We have tested a seven more devices since my last email that have 
been at a site for 3 months (including flashing them to latest 
version, enabling host mode and flashing a custom kernel), all worked 
fine and we have one more failure at another site (version 2, no host 
mode or custom kernel).

Of the failures 4 are the classic screen failure reported by many and 
1 was dead out of the box (continuous reboot).

We only have one 800 which is still working fine.

I have started logging serial numbers to see if there is a higher 
incident of failure with certain ones. 3 of the failures have nearly 
identical serial numbers (last digit is different), two with similar 
numbers last number different are still operational.  The other two 
failed units I don't have the serial numbers of.  Leading me to the 
suspicion that batches of 770s may be faulty - assuming 770s in the 
same batch have very close serial numbers of course not enough data 
to be conclusive.

I would give out the serial numbers of the ones that have failed but 
Nokia are using the serial numbers as a sort of password to their 
firmware so I guess they would prefer me not to.  However if anyone 
wants to send me their failed unit serial numbers I can see if there 
is any correlation with serial numbers we have had fail.


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