[maemo-developers] 770 auto shutdown problem

From: Cass, John P j.cass at imperial.ac.uk
Date: Thu Mar 15 11:46:13 EET 2007
Dear All,

Thanks for your comments on my shutdown problem, sorry its taken a while
to get back to you but I was waiting for a new battery and being on

So: I reflashed the unit (latest 2006) and put it in R&D mode (green
info text on startup) and I was still seeing the same problem, namely
the 770 decides to turn itself off rather than entering a low power
standby state after a period of inactivity.

I bought a new battery and have tried that too and I am getting the same

Even with the old battery, energy levels are not low, I can use the
device for ages on constant usage its just if I close it, when I come
back (even after a short time, say 10 minutes) the device is dead.

Apart from monitoring the dbus, does anyone have an idea on how I can
try to trace what's happening when it shuts down?  Are there any clever
ways of recording the sequence of events that would lead to a shutdown?
Does anyone know the logic that leads to shutdowns or stanby actions?
Is the code that governs this open?  Could someone point me to it?



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> ----------
> output of a dbus-monitor session over ssh at the end of which the 770 
> had shut itself down.  I closed and opened the screen to see what 
> messages were sent. i have set wireless to stay on even if screen
> the "save_unsaved_data_ind" message looks ominous, obviously 770
> something bad is about to happen....

AFAIK this is normal, it's sent always when screen is blanked.

	- Eero

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