[maemo-developers] IMPORTANT: Nokia 770 as a mouse?

From: Meenakshi Seeballack meena2010 at gmail.com
Date: Fri Mar 16 09:32:35 EET 2007

I am trying to develop for the Nokia 770 - the idea is to use the PDA as a
mouse that is bluetooth-connected to another PC.

So code-wise:
- establish a bluetooth connection (via dbus?) I am unsure of how to use
dbus to establish a bluetooth connection. Any ideas of how to establish the
bluetooth connection?
- sending the mouse movements - via packets? through the HID Profile? Once I
get at this point I believe I do not need to worry about the other end
receiving the information since the other PC would have the bluetooth
connection established and would reflect the data sent.

I have just come across this API at
. My IDE is Eclipse and I am programming in C (although I have not
programmed in C before; only in Java and C#)

Could anyone please assist me?

Thanks and regards,

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