[maemo-developers] WLAN Scanning problem

From: kalle ahokangas kalleahok at gmail.com
Date: Fri Mar 16 11:18:18 EET 2007
Thanks for your response very much.

>You scan using wireless extensions directly, right?
Yes that's right.

The problem now is that the osso-wlan package does not complile. The error
is wlancond-dbus.h and wlancond.h files are not found. I checked the package
and they are not there. From where I can find them?

I'll need these files when using the osso-wlan DBUS interface.Right?

It would also be great if someone can provide simple example for using the
osso-wlan DBUS interface for scanning.

- Kalle

2007/3/14, Kalle Valo <Kalle.Valo at nokia.com>:
> "kalle ahokangas" <kalleahok at gmail.com> writes:
> > I have problem when I perform WLAN scanning when internet connection
> > is on. I'm still trying to do an application which scans APs RSSI info
> > and then send them to server via internet connection. This requires
> > that I have internet connection on (wlan is associated with AP) at the
> > same time I'm performing scanning, but when the connection is on RSSI
> > information doesn't update properly. Only the associated AP RSSI
> > information is uptated!
> You scan using wireless extensions directly, right?
> > I have investigated the driver code and debugged the situation and I
> > get error code -22 from sm_drv_set_scan method from
> > sm_drv_ioctl_umac.c at line 1135:
> >
> > /* And finally we send the scan request */ ret = sm_drv_oid_set(dev,
> > DOT11_OID_SCAN, (void*)&scan, sizeof(int16_t));
> >
> > (Do you know where I can find expanations for those errors?)
> Sorry, this information is not available for public.
> > I hope you can understand the situation. The question is:
> >
> > Connection manager scans properly even if the internet connection is
> > on so I assume that this scenario is doable. What I have to do to to
> > get the scanning to work while internet connection is on? Do I have to
> > give some parameters to the driver or what?
> >
> > You can see that I'm lost here but I'd appreciate your help very much
> > again.
> I can't immeaditely say what's wrong. If you are using wireless
> extensions, I guess some parameter is missing or something like that.
> I think you have two choises:
> 1. Check how wlancond issues the scan request for the driver and try
>    find what it does differently. wlancond is GPL and it's sources are
>    in package osso-wlan.
> 2. Use DBUS interface of wlancond for scanning and you don't need to
>    worry about anything. The downside is the the interface is a
>    private interface and is subject to change without a warning.
> I would recommed option two for you.
> --
> Kalle Valo
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