[maemo-developers] SoC proposal - dasher as bluetooth keyboard

From: Luca De Cicco ldecicco at gmail.com
Date: Fri Mar 16 11:40:28 EET 2007
Hi there to the list, 
   I have a socially useful idea for exploiting N{770,800} as an input
device for movement impaired people. 

The idea is to use dasher [1] as a remote keyboard (maybe bluetooth) in
order to make it simple to input texts for people with limited movement
Right now dasher works also with eyetracking devices and as
stated on their site "[...] Dasher allows an experienced user to
write text as fast as normal handwriting - 29 words per minute;"

The technical difficulties are:

1) Porting to maemo (should be rather simple, dasher works without much
problems with GPE on ipaqs h54xx)
2) Making the communication between N{N770,800} and the PC really easy
to use (you open dasher, on the pc the bluetooth keyboard should get
the "focus").
3) It should work also on windows (that's the bad thing), but as

I personally have a friend of mine with very limited movement ability,
so it would be _REALLY_ something useful, not just a geek project.
IMHO what really adds value to a PDA is doing something that the device
was not aimed to do.

I would be interested in mentoring this if there is interest.
Ah, obviously turning the N{770,800} into an input device would be
useful also to use it as a remote keyboard using thumbpad...

My 50 cents,

[1] http://www.inference.phy.cam.ac.uk/dasher/

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